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8 Unreal Ocean Pools Around The World

The profound pleasure of diving in and with the waves crashing around us, we immerse ourselves into the depths of the ocean. It’s a feeling that many long for and enjoy.

At times, we desire a more contained seaside swim – the same refreshment of the ocean, but with the added luxury of being able to comfortably reach the bottom and maybe even enjoy a hot shower after.

This is where magnificent ocean pools come in handy; they provide us with an all-encompassing experience that is both invigorating and relaxing.

Whether natural rock grottoes or artificial pools constructed from concrete and tile, these oceanside havens offer the perfect blend of safety and tranquility, allowing swimmers to enjoy the security of a swimming pool with breathtaking views of an infinite horizon.

If you are considering an unconventional seaside experience, or want a switch from regular pools to the ocean, these aquatic havens could be perfect for you. You can utilize them as an intermediary destination in preparation for taking a dip into the deep blue sea.

Grotto della Poesia, Salento, Italy

Lying 100ft wide, this stunning sinkhole is so aptly named “Cave of Poetry”. Clamber up to the surrounding limestone cliffs and dive into its amazing cool cyan water, then succumb the natural arch and take a swim towards the Adriatic Sea.

If you plan to visit the Salento Peninsula, commonly referred to as “the boot,” during the summer months, it is recommended that you arrive early in order to avoid large crowds.

The area boasts a number of interesting archaeological sites, including Grotto della Poesia Piccola, which features walls adorned with ancient inscriptions. It is located on the eastern side of the peninsula and provides a fascinating insight into Italy’s past.

Queen’s Baths, Eleuthera, Bahamas

As you ascend the jagged hillside on this tranquil Bahamian island, you will soon arrive at the remarkable series of shallow, sun-warmed pools that are affectionately known by locals as the “Queen’s Baths” or “hot tubs.”

It is best to visit these captivating baths at either low or medium tide in order to make the most of your time. Here you can spend a few hours indulging in some relaxation, soaking up the warm rays of sunlight and splashing around in the crystal-clear waters. You might even find yourself looking for shells as you admire majestic view of navy-blue Atlantic below.

Only a mere 0.5 miles away is the renowned Glass Window Bridge, where the island becomes so slender that you can stand atop the precipice and marvel at the remarkable disparity between the raging Atlantic Ocean to your right and tranquil turquoise Caribbean Sea to your left.

Tunnels Beaches, Devon, UK

Carefully, lightly and quietly step through a series of shadowy, dark and gloomy cliff passages that were painstakingly carved by Welsh miners during the early 1800s to arrive at these secret, secluded shores.

Situated at the long-standing “ladies beach” (which has been co-ed for more than one hundred years), a tidal pool appears every day for three hours before and after low tide.

The fascinating pool is enclosed by a retaining wall, constructed painstakingly by miners using large boulders and hardy lime mortar to form an impressive barrier against the waves.

At the peak of the Victorian period, ladies travelled to this location in order to partake in a special ritual known as ‘taking the waters’. To protect their dignity, they would make use of private horse-drawn wooden bathing machines that were rolled into the sea. This allowed them to submerge themselves in the water while still preserving their sense of modesty and decorum.

Before that, the deeply furrowed and ruggedly majestic sea cliffs had been used as a hideaway by smugglers and fugitives. Don’t expect to find any of the traditional sugar-white sands; these beaches are composed entirely of English pebbles – slippery, chilly and surprisingly delightful.

To Sua Ocean Trench, ‘Upolu Island, Samoa
From the lofty vantage point of this volcanic island, Upolu in Samoa appears to reveal its hidden beauty by opening up a gemstone-green swimming hole that glistens like a giant’s eye, blinking up from its rugged lava landscape.

This tranquil spot offers visitors an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The 30-meter-deep pool can be accessed by a tall and slightly intimidating wooden ladder, though the fearless (or maybe even rash) individuals may elect to simply plunge in by jumping.

The azure waters of this secluded inlet are so crystalline that you can easily make out the fish darting about far below. This underwater paradise is fed by a lava tunnel, which leads to the vast expanse of the South Pacific Ocean.

Experienced divers are able to navigate through the lava tube, but all swimmers should be aware of its strong undertow before they attempt to venture into it.

The edge of the hole, which is overflowing with lush jungle foliage, gives way to a meticulously groomed seaside garden complete with designated picnic areas and a quaint little swimming beach at its far end.

Beyond this tranquil beach lies an unending expanse of sparkling blue waters.

Bondi Icebergs Pool, Sydney, Australia
Situated on the edge of Sydney’s renowned Bondi Beach, the historic Bondi Baths have been a prominent part of the landscape for over one hundred years.

These baths are nestled into the lofty cliffs that overlook the tumultuous Tasman Sea, providing an awe-inspiring view to those who visit.

Anyone is cordially invited to take a plunge in the lap pool or the adjoining kiddie pool, but if you are considering joining the esteemed Bondi Icebergs winter swimming club then you must be willing to fully commit to taking part in three consecutive swims.

On Sundays, during the cold winter months of the year, for a period of five years, people have been able to enjoy a refreshing swim in outdoor pools made from concrete.

The water is even colder here than it is in the sea and when conditions are bad, swimmers can be hit by unexpectedly powerful waves. Despite this, nothing beats taking a dip on a Sunday afternoon – it’s so calming and peaceful!

Piscinas das Marés, near Porto, Portugal
Do you fancy taking a dip in an incredible national monument?

Well, if so, then why not make your way to Piscina das Marés in Leça da Palmeira beach, Matoshinhos; a remarkable fishing village located to the north of Porto.

There you can submerge yourself in two magnificent saltwater swimming pools which are carved into the rock face.

In the 1960s, at the request of celebrated Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira, an iconic structure was built along the northern coast of Portugal.

However, this masterful creator had much more in store for this breathtaking location; after a refreshing dip in the ocean to whet one’s appetite, travelers can take pleasure in a visit to Boa Nova Tea House, a Michelin-starred eatery with spellbinding views of the raging Atlantic Sea.

Porto de Galinhas, near Recife, Brazil
In a country that is truly blessed with an abundant number of stunning beaches, the picturesque Porto de Galinhas located south of the vibrant city of Recife, still manages to be one of the most remarkable thanks to its unique selection of azure-hued coves and bays which are easily accessible via a short ride in a boat from its powdery soft white sand.

Fisherfolk, using traditional jangadas – small triangular-sailed vessels – transport visitors to these breathtakingly photogenic natural pools, situated between the beach and an enclosing reef.

For a fee of just R$25 per person, travellers can experience this remarkable journey in one of these iconic boats.

For something more active and energising, why not go south to the Pontal de Maracaípe for windsurfing and kitesurfing?

Blessed with reliably strong winds, this is an excellent spot for these exciting water sports.

Sea Point Pavilion, Cape Town, South Africa
Gazing out onto the icy waters of the Atlantic at the periphery of suburban Cape Town, Sea Point Pavilion is an exuberant, glamorous celebration that continues throughout the summer.

It is a vibrant and exhilarating gathering where swimmers can enjoy a refreshing break from the heat while others soak up the atmosphere and take in the stunning views.

This paradise of a swimming facility boasts three saltwater pools, one of which is a lap pool, another is used for diving, and there are two kiddie pools. The best part is that the pools are fed directly from the nearby ocean making them deliciously cool and refreshing!

When you’re ready to dry off and relax, why not treat yourself to a picnic on the lawn with a cold soda from one of the park vendors?

The view is absolutely breathtaking, with the clouds seemingly floating above Lion’s Head peak. It would be hard for you to find another public swimming pool as stunningly beautiful in either hemisphere – and without worrying about sharks!

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