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Found A Colorado Park Filled With Red Rocks That You’ve Never Heard Of – It’s Gonna Blow Your Mind

Garden of the Gods, a picturesque and majestic 1,367-acre National Natural Landmark located in Colorado Springs, is home to an astonishing array of breathtaking rock formations.

It is truly a sight to behold with its colorful towering spires, jutting cliffs and magnificent sandstone formations that stretch as far as the eye can see. This awe-inspiring landscape is not only captivating but also provides visitors with a unique opportunity to explore nature’s raw beauty up close.

When searching for the majestic splendour of natural red rock formations, Bryce Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Arches National Park and Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre are some of the most breathtakingly beautiful destinations in America.

These awe-inspiring scenic wonders offer a truly unforgettable experience with their mesmerising panoramas of rugged cliffs and towering sandstone arches.

Despite being an underdog in the bustling city of Colorado Springs, the Garden of the Gods, with its 1,367 acres of land, provides visitors with some of the most intimate and immersive experiences.

From breathtaking views to winding trails that lead you through majestic sandstone formations, there is something for everyone at this incredible outdoor destination. Whether you are looking for a peaceful stroll or an adventurous hike, you can find it all here in this stunning natural setting.

Although not as widely renowned as other attractions, the park has earned a National Natural Landmark designation and still draws in an impressive amount of visitors annually, with approximately six million people arriving each year to explore this picturesque location.

In recent years, the incredible sandstone and limestone rock formations in the U.S., with their striking shades of red, pink, and white that chronicle more than 300 million years of geological history, have captured people’s attention on Instagram and earned a spot on Tripadvisor as one of the top two attractions in the country.

I had to admit that I was culpable for my negligence in not taking the opportunity to explore the park during my recent sojourn in Colorado Springs.

Despite its undeniable beauty, I completely overlooked it, much to my regret. In hindsight, I wish I had taken some time out of my trip to appreciate its stunning scenery and admire the surrounding nature instead of simply disregarding it.

I spent my time taking in the awe-inspiring, intricate U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum, which opened its doors to the public in 2020, exploring the newly renovated Broadmoor Manitou and Cog Railway leading up to majestic Pikes Peak, which restarted operations in 2021, and admiring the picturesque lakeside landscape from my room at The Broadmoor during a tranquil sunset.

I was so captivated by each of those remarkable experiences that I kept prolonging my time at each one.

When I discovered that it would only take about 20 minutes to traverse the Garden of the Gods main loop, I decided to postpone my departure even more. My fascination with these sights was so strong that I couldn’t resist lingering a while longer and taking in all their beauty.

Eventually, I drove in from Garden Drive off Highway 24 through a residential neighborhood, expecting to have taken the wrong turn.

However, the scenery unexpectedly changed in an instant and was so spectacular that my first reaction was to pull over onto the side of the road in order to fully appreciate it. It took me by surprise and left me breathless.

In every direction, I was surrounded by a magnificent, orangish-red landscape of peculiar-looking stones — rounded lava-like formations curving down and up around me and several tall jagged towers in the distance. It was like something between Lord of the Rings and Dr. Seuss; playful and surreal.

The further I advanced down the stretch of highway, the more spellbound I became by the lush hues and striking shades that surrounded me. Before long, my journey had taken me past two colossal stone pillars which towered above in all their imposing grandeur.

It was an incredibly immersive experience, almost as if it was a carefully crafted and orchestrated Disneyland ride.

However, I had to remind myself that these remarkable sedimentary formations were actually the remnants of erosion and glacial activity from the Pleistocene Ice Age; true works of art created by nature itself.

This was anything but a simple, rushed drive around the loop, as I kept finding myself pulling over and stopping in awe of the spectacular scenery. On the south end, I paused to marvel at the Balanced Rock which appears to be suspended in mid-air on a tiny pedestal due to having been exposed to erosion from its base over the years.

I meandered through the middle of the park, taking a leisurely stroll down a narrow pathway. I soon realized that I had stumbled upon a hiking trail leading to Keyhole Window – an impressive sandstone archway.

As I reached the top of this remarkable structure, I peered through its window with awe and amazement as I beheld stunning 360-degree views all around me.

Despite the sun having already set when I arrived at Perkins Central Garden Trail, an easy and relatively flat 1.5-mile loop, I took the opportunity to explore a section of it, admiringly tracing the bases of some of its most impressive formations like the Tower of Babel, Kissing Camels, and Sentinel Rock.

Despite being limited by the fading light, I was able to take in some of this remarkable park’s natural beauty before heading home for the night.

No doubt, the park that is primed for Instagram is filled to the brim with Mother Nature’s most exquisite work. What makes this experience particularly special, however, is the multitude of ways you can interact and engage with these majestic red rocks.

Whether it’s taking photos to post on your social media accounts or simply appreciating the beauty in person, there are countless opportunities to get creative and make lasting memories.

During my brief stay, I had the opportunity to explore these incredible formations from a variety of perspectives – driving through, cruising around, walking on top of and also hiking through. Every experience enabled me to form a unique connection with these ancient stones in an unforgettable way.

The park provides a multitude of unique experiences, ranging from taking a tour on the vintage 1909 trolley or Jeeps, to riding around on a Segway, exploring on an electric bike, or even more active pursuits such as rock climbing and horseback riding.

Nature walks and a self-guided audio tour are also available for those wanting to explore at their own pace.

The Garden of the Gods’ website is a great resource for those planning a visit, as it has an incredibly helpful personal planner.

This planner allows you to enter your interests and the amount of time you have available, ranging from 45 minutes up to more than three hours. Once you’ve done this, the planner will generate tailored itinerary ideas specifically suited to your needs.

No matter what, one thing that will never serve as an obstacle preventing access is the cost.

After General William Jackson Palmer, who initiated the establishment of Colorado Springs in 1871, persuaded his companion, railroad entrepreneur Charles Elliot Perkins, to construct his abode in this region in 1879, Perkins eagerly acquired a total of 240 acres.

Perkins was a man who had a great appreciation for nature and its beauty, so upon purchasing the land he chose to never build on it.

His devotion to preserving its pristine condition remained steadfast until his death in 1907. In honor of their father’s admiration for the land, Perkins’ children generously donated it to the city with the understanding that visitors would always be able to enjoy it free of charge.

The Garden of the Gods is a place that truly encapsulates an immense amount of character and history.

Although its name may invoke images of biblical references to Eden, it actually originates from a conversation between two surveyors working in the area during 1859. This fascinating story has since been passed down through generations and serves as a reminder for those who visit this stunning area about how special and unique it really is.

M.S. Beach excitedly suggested that the location would be an ideal spot for a biergarten, but his colleague Rufus Cable had a more ambitious and imaginative idea: “Biergarten! No, it is far better than that – this place is fit for the Gods to gather! Let’s call it the Garden of the Gods,” he declared, as related by the park’s website.

The area that is now Blossom Valley Park has remained free to the public from its origin in 1951 as per a promise made, with regulations such as ‘no intoxicating liquors shall be allowed, and no building or structure present except those necessary for caring, protecting and maintaining it’.

That same sense of magic is firmly in place after all these years— an attribute that is largely attributed to its timeless design principles.

The classic elements present throughout its features have allowed the game to remain modern and iconic, constantly functional for each generation’s players.

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