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1 Cruise, 10 States, 23 Days And The Most Scenic Rivers in the U.S.

American Queen Voyages recently unveiled their most ambitious itinerary to date; a journey of over 1,200 miles down the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.

The voyage will set sail from Minneapolis and conclude in Pittsburgh, aboard the luxurious 245-passenger vessel American Countess.

This alluring adventure promises to be an unforgettable river cruise experience, offering guests the opportunity to explore a range of fascinating towns along the way.

American Queen Voyages is launching its most extensive voyage yet in the coming year, with a remarkable itinerary that will span almost three weeks.

Commencing from Minneapolis, the cruise will journey to Pittsburgh, providing an unparalleled experience full of adventure and discovery for those on board.

The American Countess, shared with Travel + Leisure by the cruise line, will launch embark on an extended, 23-day tour on July 24th 2023. The voyage spans a route through the Ohio and Upper Mississippi Rivers that comprises more port visits and sightseeing opportunities than ever before – stretching over 1,

The ship will make a full circle, beginning its journey from Pittsburgh on August 14th, 2023 and then setting sail again northwards back to the same port.

This voyage is sure to be an unforgettable experience for all passengers onboard.

“Guests have made the 16-day Mighty Mississippi voyage between Minneapolis (Red Wing) and New Orleans one of our most popular itineraries, and we are pleased to reveal an even more immersive itinerary sailing to Pittsburgh that now incorporates the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers,” Isis Ruiz, the chief commercial officer of American Queen Voyages, said in a statement provided to Travel & Leisure Magazine.

Those interested in embarking on a unique journey can board a cruise that will take them through 10 different states, allowing them to discover and explore some of the most beautiful and exciting cities along the way.

From La Crosse, Wisconsin, to St. Louis and Louisville in Missouri, as well as Cincinnati in Ohio; all these bustling cities have something special to offer travelers.

Travelers looking for unique experiences can visit the iconic baseball field from the classic movie “Field of Dreams” in Dubuque, Iowa.

They can learn all about the artistry and history of quilting at The National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky. Furthermore, they can explore the grand 1867 house of the Anheuser family in Kimmswick – a fascinating look into 19th century life!

Exploring the historic Ohio River can be done in a variety of ways; one option is to cruise along the river’s route, sightseeing from Iowa through Missouri. Another popular way to see the scenes of the river is to board a Coast Guard-approved jet boat in Madison, Indiana.

The magnificent American Countess, which was launched for the first time in 2020, is the latest addition to the American Queen Voyages family of riverboats.

With capacity for a maximum of 245 passengers on board and offering an array of amenities such as a grand lobby bar, a gymnasium, a theater and many other features, it is sure to give its guests an unforgettable experience during their voyage.

The exciting trip, which can be conveniently arranged online, includes a one-night complimentary pre-cruise hotel stay, an array of unlimited group tours, bottomless drinks and free high-speed Wi-Fi access throughout the duration of your journey.

American Queen Voyages offers an array of unique and exciting cruise vacations, including river cruises, lake excursions, ocean voyages, and even expedition trips to Alaska.

To ensure the health and safety of everyone aboard their vessels at this time, they require that all guests and crew are fully vaccinated before sailing.

Although previously a proof of a negative COVID-19 test was necessary prior to boarding, this is no longer required by the company.

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